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Questions about an enlarged heart come up fairly often. Not infrequently a child is referred because a chest x-ray demonstrates an "enlarged heart". Likewise, I often hear from parents who tell me that they had a relative who was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. So, what is an enlarged heart?

This question comes up from time to time, sometimes in the midst of a serious discussion but more often than not as part of a lighthearted conversation. It often gets disputed when cardiologists and neurologists get together! In fact, I remember wondering about it as a child watching the Wizard of Oz!

Possibly one of the most confusing and distressing topics for families involves heart murmurs.

In fact, there may be more confusion about heart murmurs than just about anything else we deal with! Much it comes from the fact that there is a general inclination to think that a heart murmur is always bad. Fortunately this is usually not the case!

Chances are good you may know someone that has been diagnosed with a hole in the heart. In fact, maybe either you or your child has been given this diagnosis! For many people without medical experience, this can be confusing. What does a hole in the heart actually mean?